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Why Choose a Sharkline Pool from Seasonal?

The Frame

Sharkline pools use more uprights and top rails in their frame — uprights are closer together and top rails are shorter in length, and therefore more rigid, which makes the whole pool more solid and structurally sound.

The Liner

Sharkline makes their own liners, ensuring top quality and a great fit.

The Foundation

Sharkline uses over-sized, corrosion-free foundation pieces, 100% stainless steel hardware and fasteners, and all-aluminum, interlocking stabilizing rails around the base of the pool.

Extra Corrosion Protection

Sharkline puts an additional layer of corrosion protection on the inside of the pool wall to protect the pool from rusting or corroding from the inside out.

Wall Saver Panel

Seasonal Specialty Stores' offers an exclusive Wall Saver Panel. The Wall Saver is a specially designed panel at the point where water enters and exits the pool for filtration. This strengthens the wall at the spot that is normally most vulnerable to stress, rust, and corrosion. The Wall Saver is available on most Sharkline pools, and only through Seasonal!


Sharkline and Seasonal have been partners for decades, and together we give you the great combination of superior products and dependable service.


Along with local partners, Seasonal provides fast, reliable, and professional installation.


Both Seasonal and Sharkline are established, stable, privately owned companies that will be here to support you for years to come.

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