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Patented Hydrotherapy

Ultra-Wave Lounge


Shoulders, full back, thighs, calves, and feet. Ultra–Wave Loungers 54 jets provide a pulsating wave massage, one to two rows at a time, from your neck to your toes. Seven function programmable controls provide seven massage patterns at three variable speeds over your body. These invigorating streams may be paused at any time to continuously massage one part of your body.

Wave Max™ Seat


The Wave Max™ seat has 20 jets that stair-step five gentle streams of water, one row at a time, up and down your back — giving the sensation of gentle fingers massaging those aching, tired muscles. These invigorating streams may be paused at any level to continuously massage one part of your back, or programmed to perform seven different massage patterns at three variable speeds.

Foot Massager

Strategically placed 14-nozzle jets provide an invigorating massage to a wide area of the foot.

Neck & Shoulder Massage

The contoured wrap-around neck rest contains two directional euro-jets that allow warm jetted water to be directed to various locations of the neck and shoulders to soothe tension.

Hydro Max™ Seat

(neck, shoulders, back, and calves)

The Hydro Max seat provides a targeted massage for your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, and calves.



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