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Pool Water Chemistry

Maintaining a proper chemical balance is essential to making sure your pool stays clean, safe, and comfortable.

Seasonal offers FREE in-store water testing to help you keep your pool water clear and trouble-free.

What we test for:

Water Balance


pH is a measure of the relative acidity or basicity of pool water. pH is the single most important factor in swimming pool water chemistry. It affects every other chemical balance in pool water. 

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Total Alkalinity

Total alkalinity is a measure of water's resistance to change in pH.

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Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabilizer)

Proper stabilization with cyanuric acid protects chlorine levels by slowing the rate of chlorine dissipation.

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Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is a measure of the dissolved calcium salts in water. The proper level is between 180 and 250 ppm. 

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Copper and Iron

Dissolved metals can commonly appear in pool water. They may be brought with tap water when you fill your pool, or they may appear as metal fittings and parts in your pool slowly dissolve.

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Baquacil sanitizer and algistat is an easy, gentle, and effective way to kill germs and control algae.

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Chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant for swimming pools. Chlorine is available in many forms, and is an effective sanitizer and oxidant. Seasonal Specialty Stores recommends simple, easy to use New Water®  automatic chlorinators.

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