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Why Aquabot

Aqua Products prides themselves on innovation. From the very beginning, Aquabot helped pioneer the pool industry with the very first robotic pool cleaner. This same innovative spirit lives on today as they continually strive to deliver a better pool experience with the latest advances to meet the needs of each and every customer.

Ground-Breaking Features

Aquabots are engineered with the industry’s *strongest pumps that deliver up to 85 gallons per minute with filtering down to 2 microns, providing the best cleaning and finest filtration available. Furthermore, Aquabot provides floor, wall, and water line cleaning options giving you the control of where to clean.

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Fewer Chemicals and A Healthier Clean

The Aquabot folks are passionate about helping you enjoy the purity of your swimming pool. For more than 30 years, Aquabots have helped keep pools clean, but they also help remove more debris and finer particulate than any other robotic pool cleaner on the market, substantially reducing the amount chemicals needed, ensuring a safer, cleaner and healthier pool for you, your family and friends.

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Save Time, Energy and Money!

Let our Aquabot be your own personal pool boy or girl. Just plug your Aquabot into a GFI safe outlet, plug in the power supply, place your Aquabot in the pool and press a button – No more hours dedicated to cleaning your pool.

On average an Aquabot uses only a fraction of the energy that is required of other pool cleaners (suction side or pressure cleaners) which require the pools pump and motor and sometimes even a booster pump to run. Aquabots typically cost less than 5 cents per hour to run – that’s pure savings. As a result, most Aquabots pay for themselves in less than one year!

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The Aquabot Advantage

There are many more ways to clean pools today than ever before. Technology has come a long way and some of the best methods are now much more affordable than in the past. Aquabot believes, as do many others, that it’s now a very simple choice. The linked chart highlights what we refer to as the Aquabot Advantage. It measures what matters most since not all pool cleaners are equal. Advances in Aquabot robotic technology have enabled Aquabot to offer many advantages over antiquated cleaning traditions, which can truly make a difference in the quality of your pool experience. At Aqua Products, they believe in crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.

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Many Models

Seasonal Specialty Stores is an authorized dealer and service center for Aquabots. Compare to see which is right for you!



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